Dr. Cecelia Allison

Welcome to my world of SQL! I'm passionate about teaching the intricacies of the "In-Demand Skill" of SQL, and I'm thrilled to be your guide in this journey. With over two decades of hands-on experience in using and instructing SQL, I wear multiple hats as a course developer, published author, technical writer, content creator, and online professor.

My teaching philosophy goes beyond the basics; I empower my students to not only grasp SQL intricacies but also to apply this knowledge effectively. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of helping more than 90,000 students worldwide master SQL, empowering them to secure jobs, earn promotions, and embark on new data-related career paths. I am the creative mind behind two well-received SQL books: "SQL Simplified: Learn to Read and Write Structured Query Language" and "SQL for Microsoft Access."

My journey through technical specialization, software testing, and teaching SQL has provided me with invaluable insights into the world of databases and SQL implementation. My academic background includes a Doctor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, a Master of Science in Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

I'm excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you on your SQL learning adventure.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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Course Reviews

Note: The Reviews can also be viewed in the "Recommendations" section of my LinkedIn page.

Sierra D. - I had the privilege of being a student in Dr. Cecelia Allison's Introduction and Intermediate to SQL course, and I am about to start the Advance SQL course. The course materials were very clear, well-organized, and easy to use. Going into the course I was scared because I’m a visional learner. Dr. Allison made it so easy with her step-by-step presentation videos and reading material. I said to myself I had this course in the bag. I must say that she is a phenomenal instructor, and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn SQL. Also make sure to check out her YouTube Channel.

Kakungulu E. - I had the privilege of being a student in Dr. Cecelia Allison's Introduction to SQL course, and I must say that she is a phenomenal instructor! Dr. Allison's course materials were not only well-organized but also incredibly clear and easy to use. Her teaching style is engaging, making complex SQL concepts seem accessible and manageable.

Dr. Allison's YouTube channel greatly enhanced my SQL skills through engaging video examples and lectures. Her optional exercises and attentive participation in discussion boards further enriched the learning experience. If you're new to SQL or want to improve your skills, I wholeheartedly endorse learning from Dr. Allison.

Daniel J. - Dr. Allison is a great instructor! Her course materials were clear and easy to use. I gained a lot of insight from her video examples and lectures. After taking her Introduction to SQL course, I feel confident in my beginning SQL skills as she provided ample opportunity to practice and extend my learning. I especially appreciated her optional exercise assignments, which served as a personal check to see that I had mastered the content. She is really attentive to the discussion boards and offered very helpful clarification and additional resources that I found very helpful. If you are new to SQL or want to sharpen your skills, I definitely recommend taking a course from her.

Marcia R. - I took Dr. Allison's online course. It was very well-designed, building up from foundational information to more complex items. There were numerous hands-on query practice exercises, which really allowed one to learn the material. After completing the course, I feel confident that I understand enough to begin writing queries and putting the knowledge into practice. Thank you, Dr. Allison!

Kauzy Y. - I took Dr. Allison's SQL courses. Dr. Allison is an outstanding instructor and learning facilitator, who makes complex information easy to absorb, and is always an available resource when clarification is needed. I am now a key management resource in my department for all things "SQL". I also purchased her book, "SQL Simplified:", and use it constant source in real world medical data retrieval scenarios. Great teacher, great author!

Jane N. - Dr. Allison was the Course Developer and On-line Professor of the SQL Certificate that I completed.

I started the course with working knowledge of relational databases but did not have any experience in programming or querying using SQL. I was out of my element when I did the first unit in the Introduction to SQL. I felt as though I had stepped into a totally different world.

Dr Allison assured me that I would be OK and that I needed to just take my time to understand. Every time I had questions or difficulties understanding concepts, I would post it in the discussion area. Dr Allison always responded quickly to my questions with thoughtful answers to help my understanding.

I have now completed the SQL course. I have learned so much and have confidence in my skills. Without Dr Allison’s support and excellent materials (reading materials, online presentations, quizzes and discussion areas), I would not have completed this course.

Instruction was the BEST I have ever had in the online learning community. I will take any other course that Dr Allison is offering online because I know I will receive the attention and information I need to be successful. Thank you again.

Doretta S. - Dr. Cecelia Allison is a wonderful teacher. If you are new to SQL please take her class she really makes it fun and breaks it down so you can comprehend. I love the video and step by step guideline.

Bryan F. - Cecelia is a gifted teacher and I am pleased that I had the opportunity to study SQL under her. She presents the material in a clear and thorough manner and is extremely helpful when individuals have questions. She is clearly an expert in this field and one feels confident that any difficulty will be quickly overcome after connecting with Cecelia!

Hal S. - Cecelia Allison taught me SQL online. She led me very gently through a new programming language. Less than a week after the end of her class, I encountered SQL for the first time in the statistical programming language SAS. Thanks to Cecilia's instruction, I felt right at home. Thanks, Ms. Allison!

Jose R. - I have taken multiple courses in SQL with Cecelia. I recommend her as and instructor, and plan to continue learning through her myself. Course objectives we clearly defined and always met. The content was challenging and fun. Cecelia was always quick with responses on any questions or topics brought up by her students. Her enthusiasm and expertise in this field made my learning experience very rewarding.

Karon K. - I took Cecelia's SQL course on-line and it was a great class. She covered a lot of material and I definitely have a good understanding of the basics of SQL to build on. I look forward to reading her book "SQL Simplified,".

Jay S. - Cecelia took the mystery out of SQL and made it understandable. Her course was perfect. She laid it out with real world problems in conjunction with the course database. Working from foundation and basics to more complex operations. With that said, I am ready to now use SQL for my employer and to advance into a SQL Analysis course. Thank you Cecelia!"

Jennifer T. - Cecelia was a teaching genius who provided highly innovative ways of looking at real-world problems. She explained things thoroughly and clearly, and was patient in working with our class on issues that arose. She was always encouraging and provided a high level of effective coursework so that we could practice what we were learning. She greatly increased my effectiveness in my position.

Dhaval J. - She taught me SQL online. Her style of teaching is very user-friendly. She made complex SQL queries easy to understand. Anyone who wants to learn SQL should take her online courses or read her books. Thank you Cecelia for your effort in teaching me SQL.

Cheryl A. - I recently completed Cecelia's online SQL class. It was clear, concise and just what I needed to enhance my skills. There are lots of great examples in each lesson which, along with the quizzes and assignments, ensure you have a thorough understanding of the subject. The Student Discussion area was monitored with timely responses to questions. I definitely recommend her class!